Brownfields to green energy?

January 22nd, 2015

A local industrial site was evaluated for redevelopment only to discover high volumes of contaminated soils and groundwater; the perspective buyer and RP couldn’t agree on risk, liability or remedy.  Subsurface testing revealed little migration nor surface impact, another party purchased the ‘clean’ portion of the site for slab-on-grade warehousing operation.  The remaining ‘disputed’ acreage has submitted for approval of a 2MW photo-voltaic (PV) installation to service warehouse and supplement National Grid capacity.

Shallow footings, adjacent substation and creative thinking may transform this municipal burden into a productive component of our tax and energy base.  I am proud to be a part of this ‘brown to green’ project. Offsetting fossil-electric generation is advantageous for climate-stability and our grandkids prosperity.  IMHO, S.

Shallow tray by NEEP

November 11th, 2014

Northeast Environmental Products (NEEP) was acquired by Bisco Environmental and integrated into their facilities and offerings.  The patents, technology and predictive modeler are cost-effective tools for the consultant and RP.  The shallow-tray aeration units are modular, durable and reusable in poly or stainless configurations; blowers and pumps are common.  Poly trays and bodies may exhibit staining, warping / cracking due to heat or UV; Stainless units are more resilient and expensive to procure.  Most re-purposed bodies will require fresh gaskets.

Copy-cat manufacturers have reverse-engineered the the look and guts with varying success; construction materials, gasket fitment and mass-transfer efficiency can be wildcards.  Call or write for availability or opinion.

NEEP systems, parts & pieces..

August 12th, 2014

Available tray-strippers by NEEP, Bisco, QED and Carbonaire: carries loose trays, blowers, bodies and skid-mounted units.  Call for details or modeler assistance.